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From a writer with unparalleled access to Tiger Woods and his family, theonly book that provides the "story behind the story" of Tiger's life andworld.How does a kid from Orange County, California, grow up to be the "MichaelJordan of golf"? Was it sitting in his highchair as a baby, watching hisfather hit shot after shot with a 5-iron, mesmerized by the motion of theswing? Or was it the hours and hours Tiger would spend on the driving range, incredibly focused on hitting the ball just the right distance, even as a smallchild?Record-breaking 21-year-old prodigy Tiger Woods has moved beyond the fairway totake the world by storm. In "Tiger," John Strege, golf writer and friendof Tiger Woods and his parents, takes us behind the scenes of this incrediblelife—from the time Tiger picked up a golf club at age nine months, to hisfirst hole-in-one at age six, to his unprecedented domination of junior, amateur, and now high-stakes professional golf.Packed with personal anecdotes from the Woods family as well as stories of whatit's like to play a course with Tiger from golf greats such as Jack Nicklausand Arnold Palmer, "Tiger" provides a riveting, shot-by-shot account ofTiger's life up through his remarkable first three victories as a newprofessional athlete. It details his unshakable relationship with his parentsthat has been the foundation of his career, the racial issues that have flankedhis ascent through the ranks of amateur golf, and the string of almost mythicalsuccesses that have carried him all the way to Niketown.But "Tiger" also discloses the more human side of Woods, who, despite hismasterful game and famous swing, partied with his classmates at Stanfordfraternities,stayed up late studying for his economics exams, and would becontent to eat every meal at McDonald's.A role model for young and old alike, Tiger Woods and his story will capturethe minds of devoted golf fans and sports enthusiasts everywhere, as well asthe hearts of those who can't tell a birdie from an eagle. Strege's book, complete with photos of the prodigy in action, provides a truly inspirationallook inside the mind of one of America's greatest sports heroes.John Strege has covered Tiger Woods for the "Orange County Register" sinceTiger was fourteen years old. A contributor to "Sports Illustrated," "Golf," and "Golf World," Strege lives with his wife, Marlene, inVista, California.What the world is saying about Tiger Woods: "Certain players, you look at them once and you see something. The first timeI saw Jack Nicklaus or Arnold Palmer or Ben Hogan or Sam Snead I saw somethingspecial. As soon as I saw Tiger Woods swing, I thought, man, this young guyhas got it. 'It' is something indescribable."
  • Release date: 01.05.1998
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Transworld Publishers (Division of Random House Australia)
  • ISBN: 9780767901451
  • 284 pages
  • Book rating: 3.8 (29 votes)

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