Book description

The Human Genome Project announced in 2003 that it had successfully mapped the content of the human DNA Scientists, politicians, theologians, and pundits speculated about what would follow. "Beyond Biotechnology: The Barren Promise of Genetic Engineering" distinguishes between hype and reality, examining the delicate relationship between science and nature. Authors Craig Holdrege and Steve Talbott evaluate the current state of genetic science and examine its potential applications, as well as possible dangers. The authors illustrate how the popular view of genetics does not include an understanding of how genes work together within organisms, contending that these simplistic views lead to unrealistic expectations and, ultimately, disappointment. Written for lay readers, "Beyond Biotechnology" is an accessible introduction to the complex world of genetic engineering.
  • Release date: 01.02.2010
  • Author:
  • Publisher: The University Press of Kentucky
  • ISBN: 9780813192567
  • 274 pages
  • Book rating: 3.36 (3 votes)

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