Book description

Medieval Philosophy: A Multicultural Reader comprises a comparative, multicultural reading of the four main traditions of the medieval period including extensive sections on Jewish, Islamic, Latin and Greco-Roman traditions. The book also includes an initial 'predecessors' section which explains tostudents how to bridge the intellectual gap between Aristotle toAugustine - a span of nearly 800 years. It presents excerpts from Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus and Proclus from whom all four traditions have drawn. These contextualizing readings provide a firm basis from which to explore medieval thought. Representative readings from each of the four great traditions arepresented chronologically in four different tracks, along with engagingand accessible introductions to: - the traditions themselves - the periods within the four great traditions - individual thinkers An appendixprovides lists of readings under several problem headings, to assist those who prefer to read and teach medieval philosophy topically rather thanchronologically. This is a culturally inclusive title which seeks to provide students with a rich, varied and comprehensive insight into the entirety of the medieval philosophical tradition.
  • Release date: 06.09.2018
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
  • ISBN: 9781472580405
  • 848 pages
  • Book rating: 0.7 (0 votes)

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