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Is it "just a phase," or could your child be headed for serious trouble?If you sense that your child is seriously troubled, you may feel bewildered, helpless, ineffective. How can you stop your child from throwing away his or her life? How can you avoid thinking that you've failed as a parent? In this newly revised and expanded edition of the classic guide Before It's Too Late, clinical psychologist Stanton E. Samenow explains how to break the useless cycle of blame and take corrective action.Topics include:&#9679 How to understand the personality of the antisocial child&#9679 How to tell the difference between a "phase" and a pattern of misbehavior&#9679 How to identify the seven common manifestations of antisocial behavior&#9679 How to cope more effectively as the parent of an older antisocial child&#9679 How to avoid the six common mistakes that prevent parents from taking action&#9679 How to step in-early and effectively-before bad behavior becomes entrenched
  • Release date: 07.11.2017
  • Author:
  • Publisher: TANTOR MEDIA INC
  • ISBN: 9781541467392
  • Book rating: 0.7 (0 votes)

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