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RELEVANCE RAISES RESPONSE and that is precisely why mobile marketing is the greatest advertising and marketing medium of all-time. Mobile offers the ability to laser target your audience by providing the best offer, at the best time, when the targeted customer is most likely to buy. THE CHAPTERS In Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing, author Bob Bentz takes you through all of the major elements that contribute to mobile marketing success in nine easy to read chapters that will help your business sell more with mobile.1. Introduction to Mobile 2. Advantages of Mobile 3. Mobile-Optimized Websites 4. Text Message Marketing 5. Social Media 6. Mobile Advertising 7. Mobile Apps 8. Mobile Commerce 9. The Future of MobileWHAT YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT MOBILE MARKETINGThis is not a book that will philosophize about mobile and give you theories on why it is so effective. Instead, it is book written by a businessperson who works in the trenches of mobile marketing every day with hundreds of customers, in many different vertical markets. What you'll get when reading this book is actionable insight on what you can do to help your business sell more with mobile. What you'll learn in these chapters includes: - The History of the Mobile Phone- How to Set and Analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - Mobile Marketing Definitions and Buzzwords - Principles of Responsive Design - How to Use A/B and Multivariate Testing - Mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Legal Requirements for SMS Short Code Marketing - Analysis of the Major Social Media Networks - How to Attract Followers with Social Media - How to Advertise In-Apps - Mobile Programmatic Buying - Advertising on Social Media - How to Develop a Mobile App - Marketing an App - App Store Optimization (ASO) - The Internet of Things - Virtual Reality BONUS FEATURESThere are several bonus features, in addition to the chapter content, that makes this book the best single source for mobile marketing information.- Bob's 60 Top Text Message Marketing Tips- Top Secret: What Does Facebook Know About You? - Why Facebook is the Greatest Advertising Medium of All-Time - With Mobile Advertising, there is No Prime Time Anymore - Why Mobile is Your Small Business Powerhouse - How to Craft a Great Text Message - E-commerce: How Mobile Drives Sales in Retail Stores But, it doesn't stop there. Mobile marketing is so fluid, and the business is changing so rapidly, that it's difficult for any print book to keep up. There, Relevance Raises Response answers the call as well by providing a website that is continually updated with the latest mobile marketing statistics and information.RELEVANCE RAISES RESPONSEMarketing is an ongoing contest for people's attention, and mobile provides the mechanism that, in the history of promotion, is the closest a brand has ever been able to get to its customer. With mobile, customers can act on any message at any time, no matter where they are. They can take immediate action to research, find, or buy something. When a consumer can act in the moment, his expectations are high and his patience is low. That makes the credibility and relevance of the mobile message of the utmost importance. Ultimately, brands that do the best job of engaging consumers with a relevant mobile message will win. As a modern marketer, every digital strategy made today should be t
  • Release date: 23.02.2016
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Skillbites LLC
  • ISBN: 9781942489115
  • Book rating: 5 (4 votes)

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